Headquartered in suburban Baltimore, Maryland, USA, DDMotion has invented the world’s first mechanical, infinitely-variable motion controls. Our revolutionary technology’s core element is the patented three-variable Transgear™ gear assembly. The Transgear assembly provides the optimal gear ratio for all operating conditions, resulting in a cost efficient, environmentally friendly method of controlling machinery. The company holds an array of patents on its innovative variable motion controls.

DDMotion offers a breakthrough paradigm in the development of turbines used to produce electricity. Companies who use existing technologies are only able to incrementally improve on their efficiency and performance. Focusing on a new logic for motion control rather than enhancements to existing products, DDMotion offers its partners a competitive advantage that can help them increase energy production and position themselves as leaders in the industry.


Key Han

Inspired by his belief that people and machines can solve complex problems and open new frontiers, Key Han, the founder and chief technology officer of DDMotion, spent ten years perfecting his designs and prototypes for mechanically driven, infinitely-variable motion controls. The core element of Mr. Han’s designs is a patented gear assembly that has three variables. The name Transgear™ gear assembly derives from its similarity to the way transistors function in electronics. And like transistors, it has unlimited applications across all industries.  
“Once in a great while, a technology is introduced with the potential to change the way the world works for the better. With its infinitely-variable motion control, DDMotion has created such a technology.” Alfred R. Berkeley III, Former president of NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.