Headquartered in suburban Baltimore, Maryland, USA, DDMotion has invented the world’s first mechanical, infinitely-variable motion controls. Our revolutionary technology’s core element is the patented three-variable Transgear™ gear assembly. The Transgear assembly provides the optimal gear ratio for all operating conditions, resulting in a cost efficient, environmentally friendly method of controlling machinery. The company holds an array of patents on its innovative variable motion controls.

DDMotion offers a breakthrough paradigm in the development of turbines used to produce electricity. Companies who use existing technologies are only able to incrementally improve on their efficiency and performance. Focusing on a new logic for motion control rather than enhancements to existing products, DDMotion offers its partners a competitive advantage that can help them increase energy production and position themselves as leaders in the industry.


DDMotion Patents

Title: Issue Date: Patent Number:
Variable Speed Gearing Assembly May 01, 1991 5,016,493
Variable Speed Transmission May 26, 1992 5,116,292
Constant/Variable Speed Gear Assembly Dec. 08, 1992 5,169,359
Variable Speed Drive Transmission May 03, 1994 5,308,293
Variable Speed Transmission System & Differential (IVT) May 30, 2000 6,068,570
Variable Speed Transmission System & Rotary Motion Control (IVT) Mar. 25, 2004 6,537,168
Variable Motion Control Device & Method of Use (Transgears™) Dec. 09, 2008 7,462,124 B2
Variable Motion Control Devices for Transmission & Other Implementations and Methods of Use Thereof (IVT) June 08, 2010 7,731,616 B2
Variable Motion Control Devices & Method of Use (Transgears™) June 08, 2010 7,731,619 B2
System and Method for Providing a Constant Output from a Variable Flow Input (Wind) Mar. 05, 2013 8,388,481 B2
Infinitely Variable Motion Control (IVMC) for River Turbines Jul. 16, 2013 8,485,933 B2
IVMC for Generators, Transmissions & Pumps/Compressors Feb. 4, 2014 8,641,570 B2
One-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine Pending 14225658
Run-of-the-River or Ocean Current Turbine Pending 14255377